Timeshare Liquidations, Close-outs and Trade-ins

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Timeshare Foreclosure, Close-outs and Liquidation Inventory for Sale


We have broken down the inventory in various categories for your convenience... Click on the title and go directly to the available inventory under each listing group.

Weeks for Sale

In this catagory you will find timeshares that are used for the entire week.  They will consist of fixed weeks and floating weeks.  Click here...

Points for Sale

In this catagory you will find timeshares that are converted to points. Use your points for a week, a day, multiple days like long week-ends or extend your week by usiing this great flexible program.  Choose when, where and what size unit you want.  Click here...

Luxury Timeshares

Do you want the best of the best?  Then these properties are for you!  They will be a combination of fixed and floating weeks and also some point programs. Click here...

Almost Free

These weeks are properties that must move quickly.  These are very motivated sellers who are offering great opportunities to you.  Act quickly as these weeks do not last! Click here...

Hot Deals

These "Hot Deals" are usually marked with extremely low prices or even for free!  Worth the look! Click here...


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