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Points versus Weeks Timeshares


We'll list the comparison between Points and Weeks Ownerships... You be the judge.


Weeks Ownership Points Ownership
Length of Stay:  7 nights, the entire 7 days will be reserved Length of Stay:  You decide, 1 night - ? nights.
When can you go? The week or season you purchased. When can you go? Anytime of the year, you decide when.
Type of Accomondation: The quality rating of which you own or lower. Type of Accomondation: You can use any rating of resort.
Size of Accomondation: The size of unit in which you own or smaller. Size of Accomondation: Any size unit you choose.
Check In Day: The day your resort assigns to you. Check In Day: Any day you wish.
What can you use you ownership for: Accomondations What can you use you ownership for: Accomondations, car rentals, air flights, cruising and more.

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