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Timeshare Point Systems

With traditional timeshares, an owner would have purchased a period of time at a particular resort which allows them use of a specific unit at the same time every year or have the flexibility to choose when they want to use it which is called floating time. Today many resorts are offering a greater flexibility to their owners by offering the ability to turn their ownership into a points account. This system allows users greater flexibility with where and when they travel along with what size of accommodations may be required.

A timeshare points system is designed to be much more flexible than the traditional ownership. Why? Usually the points ownership will allow you to use your ownership beyond the typical use of accommodations only. Using your points for car rentals, airfare, hotels, attraction tickets and more are a few of the ways points can be used.  But, keep in mind all point systems may not allow you to use their points in this fashion. It is extremely important for you to know what you want the point system to do for you and your family before entering into it. Call us and we will assist you in determining the best points program for you and the family.

Comparing Apples to Apples...

The value of the points from system to system will vary greatly. Some resort point systems may use values in the hundreds of points, others in the thousands of points and then there are those who will value the same sized unit in that 7 day stay in the tens or hundreds of thousands of points.  Confused? Yes it can be very confusing but we will try to help make sense of everything as we compare the various timeshare point systems in the different exchange networks.


Some resorts which offer a Point System


Here is an alphabetical list of some timeshare point systems.


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