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A key decision you face is whether to purchase a fixed week, a floating week, or a membership in a vacation club or points program. The listings on the weeks for sale page will only deal with fixed and floating weeks that are not associated with any points value.  Ownership of this type is very important to some because you know the week will be available to you and what unit you will occupy.  If you buy President's week, you know it is there every year for you with no planning involved other than showing up!  Fixed weeks work best if you usually vacation at the same time every year and are interested in returning to the same location more often than not. Conversely, if you want to vacation in the same location frequently but your vacation times change from year to year, a floating week or membership program would probably work well. Floating ownership gives you a variety of weeks that you can choose from when choosing what week you want to vacation at your home resort.


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